6th annual street youth fundraiser--UPDATE

It's been almost 24 hours since the fundraiser began and, so far, 7 people have donated a total of $453.25! That's a great start toward my $1600. goal this year, but we need more than 7 people to step up for our youth! Can you donate what you'll spend at your favorite coffee shop today to help support street kids who are trying to improve their lives? Pls consider it. The money raised will likely last all year and goes to things like--winter wear, blankets, tents, sleeping bags, skateboards (totally legitimate, environmentally friendly means of transportation!), books, phones (for kids actively looking for employment), clothing, bus tickets, replacement ID's, household items for when they get their 1st apt/room..

If you'd rather offer gift cards, that's awesome! I'll PM you my address.

If you rather meet a youth and take them shopping for their needs, i will be thrilled to arrange that!

If you can only spare $5.00, I know what that's like! and I will put it to good use.

I have been so honored to be street mom for hundreds of youth over the last decade. It's been the most important thing I've ever done in my life. And I have been so blessed by the kid's presence in my life.

Thank you for supporting these amazing and worthy young members of our Family. <3


6th annual Seattle street youth fundraiser!

It's that time of year again when I ask you all to reach into your hearts, and wallets, to show some love for Seattle street youth this holiday season.

Last year I was able to raise $1,590.26 to help get street youth the things they need ALL YEAR ROUND -- not just for Christmas. In fact, the $ raised lasted until last month, where I spent the last $115.00 on blankets and 3 - $15.00 money orders for kids in prison. This year I'd love to beat that record and get over $1600.00. There is no doubt in my mind that we can do this!

It's easy--just go to this paypal link:


And make a donation to my email address: iamkatia@gmail.com

Another option is donating items, such as bus tickets/Orca cards, hand-warmers, sketch pads/art supplies, winter accessories, etc..

And yet another option is A.S.K.--Adopt a Street Kid for the holiday season and take them shopping yourself!

I love you all!! Bless your kind hearts. <3

And please share widely!!




Eight of my street youth photos will be part of a joint exhibition opening tomorrow, here in Seattle.
I was so excited to see the prints. It felt like I was finally giving birth to my babies. :)
It feels good that they are out there being seen.
I humbly hope they help the kids in some small, or big, way.

Details are here in case you're actually in Seattle and would like to come.
Most of you aren't so I'll show you the eight that will be hanging tomorrow.
Plus an extra, the last one, that won't be exhibited.

Update: Received this email from my contact, Helen, late last night:
"We received your photos this afternoon. They are fabulous!
We tried for several hours, with our curator, to develop a plan
for presenting them but, unfortunately it will not be possible.
The only way we can "hang" them is to paste them to the wall
Not only will this method ruin the photos but, the subjects in
the photos will be absorbed by the dark brown wood paneling.

The good news is that have had so many request for submissions
that we have decided to present another show in September, when
Tent City 3 is in residence. We would like very much for you to resubmit
your work - framed or with heavy backings - and tags describing each

So, my photos are out and somehow I need to find funding to get them mounted and/or framed for a possible run in September.
Thanks for all your well-wishes though! Made my heart swell. :)

Willis, Dark, Blakk Robb, Inde, Joe Marvelous, Cat Phisch, Sophie, Aztec, Jesse, Patrick Lost.

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