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I Stay, I Go


2nd February 2002

12:39pm: Swirling...
I just got back from dropping off the boys at their dad's house. *deep sigh*
I have about 24 luscious hours to myself which I will spend most of in sweet
s o u l i t u d e, not answering phones, or knocks, or e-mails.

On the long drive home I was thinking about Ziggy Marley's song "Love is the Only Law to Obey." and y'know? He's right. If that were the ONLY Law of the land there would be no crime at all and hence, no need for any other laws.


It's just that simple...


Now this Love thing is kinda tricky though. Co's us being 'superior humans with higher intelligence' and all that, well we went and messed it all up!

We started putting "restrictions" on it like you can only Love ONE person, one person at a TIME. (Waaaaahh!!?)

We turned it into imprisonment and possessiveness instead of this beautiful exchange, this beautiful dance of adoration, appreciation, admiration, electric attraction.

Ah, we always screw up everything..


(And love.)
12:49pm: Sex does Not = Love.
Ok, here's my story around this.

My last lover was astoundingly beautiful. He was just puurrrfectly my type to look at.
African (Nigerian), chocolate-colored, long pretty dreddies, nice tight, compact frame, hard booty, ooo-la-la the biggest, whitest, tastiest smile you ever did see and he was a Grinner too. He'd just grin n grin, not like an idiot but like someone who was genuinely happy and grateful to be alive and LoVIN' his life! He was quite a catch, yessireee...

But as a little time went by, he'd come over and I would want to get into a nice, long juicy exchange on, say, the latest book I had read by a Nigerian Pulitzer prize winner and he'd be hurriedly trying to take me into the bedroom! Until one day it was just him coming in and sitting down only a few moments before starting his incessant urgings for our lovemaking session to begin. Ugh. ugh. ugh. I did, however, comply and half-way into our session I looked up at him and he was still as pretty as ever to me but there was absolutely no love or even affection anymore co's it was all too clear to me that I was just meat to him.

And I went totally numb.

And that was it.

I never saw him again.

And I haven't made love with anyone since then.

Haven't missed it either co's it's EMPTY when it's just that.

And I haven't seen a Lion for miles...
1:37pm: Kindness..
Shannon wrote: "i seek to build connection bridges by being open to people who are kind. that is my criteria. kindness."

This reminds me of a wonderful quote I have:

"So many gods, so many creeds,
So many paths that wind and wind,
When just the art of being Kind
is all this sad world needs".

Also, the Ven. Dalai Lama said:

"My religion is simple.
My religion is kindness."

He is one of the Greatest Bodhisattvas in the world.
(Bodhi = Awake, Sattvas = Beings)

May All Beings have Happiness and the root of Happiness!

(ok i mean it, i'm really leaving now.
boy, this stuff is addictive..)
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