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I Stay, I Go


3rd February 2002

8:16am: 15 hours in bed! :o
OK, well if I spent 15 hours in bed than I must've NEEDED to - right?
(I never feel bad or guilty about such things - try renewed and aglow!)
I feel strangely indifferent to missing a performance by Yeke Yeke last night.
All week I've been drooling about it and then....nothing.
Plus my friend Joleen was going to be there.
She is the human equivalent of flypaper and won't leave your side for a moment! Blech!
I rather like just flitting from one person to the next with alone time in between. (to file.)
I wanted nothing more than to be under my thick, warm, downy-fresh (thanx Zakk) comforter with my drum on top of me and my rhythms everywhere around me and my stereo a mere arm's length away and I just played, listened, played, slept, and played.

Current Mood: awake
3:24pm: I used to volunteer at this homeless center in downtown Seattle. There was this scary, scruffy young mexican buck who'd come sauntering in followed by a stream of expletives. I worked at the coffee counter with 2 or 3 others and as soon as they spyed him coming round the corner, they'd all take 3 giant steps back. Well, I had a practice at this time called FEARLESSNESS. So I'd stay rooted to the spot and he'd bark, "Get me a mother-f**king cup o coffee!!" I did. "What the F**K!?? You didn't fill it UP enough!" I'd pour more. "You ditzy bitch! Now it's TOO full." And we'd do this dance til' he got bored and walked away.

One day I was leaving the shelter with my friend, Edie, and here comes our favorite hombre lumbering down the hall towards me and right in my path. I thought no way am I moving so as we came closer together and neither of us would move, we came to a halt face to face. I didn't say a word but looked him full in the eyes and he glared back at me all wretched and despicable. Suddenly he took his hand and started to slowly reach down, I thought he was going to grab a boob for sure but thought "no way am I going to flinch" and his hand went down, down, down and then he gently scooped up a pendant of the Buddha that I was wearing around my neck and lovingly kissed it.

We then embraced and I went on my way without a word but thinking "Damn! I'm glad I didn't react !"

Else I would've missed all that beauty...
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