February 7th, 2002


Day 4 of my Fast

Haven't eaten a morsel for 4 days. Just water, juice & bouillon. When I drink something with flavor, like apple juice, the taste just EXPLODES in my mouth - it's so vibrant & delicious, I guess from being so deprived.

This fast is not so much to lose weight but to CLEANSE and to reset my habit patterns around food. Since I quit smoking food tastes SO GOOD to me and my mechanism for detecting a full stomach is in failure mode so I never feel full and mindlessly keep chomping away.

I'm feelin' a wee bit weakened, like when I stand up or walk initially I'm a titch shaky and if this worsens I will immediately break the fast. I'm no dum dum. (though I'd like to go til' Sat. a.m.)

ELATED that it's my last day of work this week and next week I only work m-w and then I'm off for mid-winter break! WOOOOOOOOOHHHH!!! 11 days off! I am so so blessed to be working in the school system! Don't EVER listen to me if I gripe about it.

Any suggestions re: a delectable first supper?