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I Stay, I Go


15th February 2002

10:28am: I'm Back..
Got this in my mail this a.m. and sent it out to Nderiron who tried it 23 times and could not crack it. Oh my dear Befuddled One, let's see how your homies do:


Let me know how long it took you!

(It only took Z two times and since he solved it beside me I'll never know to what level my idiocy sinks. The kidz a frwakin' genius! frwakin' aye.)
6:28pm: Build me a word palace..
I love being in touch with people who write well and who love words. It's soo juicy to have a witty exchange with someone you're well-matched with. It's almost as good as sex.

I had a good good day today. Had some fun e-mailings. Got me frisky. Meooow!

This afternoon I drove the boyz out to their dad's house, where they'll stay til' Sunday afternoon. Whew. Nice to have this s p a c e. I love them madly but it is hard to get anything done when they're underfoot. And I need solitude like I need air,..maybe more.
I had 2 CD's to burn so I had to wait around for about 10 minutes with K in the room and it was funny having to sit there and have nothing to say to each other. So I said, looking down at Z who is sick, "He looks so ashen". "..huh..?" "He looks so wan." "..huh..?" "He looks so PALE!" Then I heard Z snicker and I looked down to see him give me this devilish grin, as if to say, "Mom, you KNOW he has a limited vocabulary, tsk, tsk." Z is a HOUND for words, loves them, loves them ALL - just like me.

I wonder what I ever saw in the guy...

Oh yea, he was a rocker.

Used to always fall for them dim-witted rockers..
8:15pm: electrical impulses..
Z is a maniac for all things electrical - always has been. He's really this Einstein-ish imp that devours all knowledge and groks all. Thus when we found an electrical litter box by the side of the road with a 'free' sign beside it, well you can imagine how breathless with delight & anticipation he was, whispering "They go for a hundred dollars.." and cradling it in his arms all the way home.

OK, so now I need a sledgehammer.

This thing waits til' you're just on that blissful edge of sleep and wakeful ness when you normally just plunge right over, effortlessly, - This thing, it waits for that very moment and then it instigates a CaCaPhOnY of clatterings and whirrings sure to make you
pounce! out of your skin!

Oh Z please forgive me...
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