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I Stay, I Go


19th February 2002

8:20am: Clench Thyself..
More n more I've been feelin' like something's missing...

See, what I'm missing, what I find of utmost importance and what is just not present for me right now is something that makes me feel so passionate that I C L E N C H.

Drumming does that for me sometimes. (less & less, ..why? missing Frank, Woody..)

Listening to good drumming does that for me sometimes. ( The Dununbas R I P !!!)

But I want to go to that primal place where it's all just Madness, Exhilaration and Clenched Passion!!!

Alright. Alright. I HAVE been reading alot of Rumi lately.

He gets me all twisted up, that one.

"It's not me that's glorified in acts of worship.
It's the worshippers! I don't hear the words
they say. I look inside at the humility.

That broken-open lowliness is the reality,
NOT the language! Forget phraseology.
I want burning, b u r n i n g."


Is it hot in here or ....?
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