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I Stay, I Go


26th February 2002

10:41am: Sex n Suckers.
I am such a total prude. I am just now realizing this.

Y'see I don't want the 'general population' having sexual thoughts about me. In a twisted sort of way I feel you haveta EARN that right. Plus I want people to like me for ME not co's I got big titties or a nice bod. So I tend to wear clothes that conceal, showing No cleavage, No how, No way...

Anyway, I think I've gone over the edge with this a bit.

Like with the sucker.

Jeez, it was just an innocent ol' lollipop given to me by one o' those handicapped WalMart employees that sit by the door. First he gave one to Z, natch, but I thought it'd be kinda neat to slobber on one so I reached out to grab one too. As soon as my tongue started to curl around the bulbous body of the lolly, my uptight self hurled in to slap me with stupidious thoughts like, "Hey dem guyz milling aroun' gonna start thinkin' bout joo suckin' on dey dix - betta STOP dat!"

Now THAT is messed up, no?

But I didn't give in, just kept suckin' away and it was reeeally good and yeah,
a wee bit sexual.

Hey, maybe I'M the perv!!

No surprises there...
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