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I Stay, I Go


1st March 2002

11:32am: My friend R just got back into town.

He was in MI. jack-knifing semi's at 60mph on ice.

(yes, he gets PAID for this.)

I used to do some CRAZY shit when I was street racing in upstate NY like drive
down the Parkleigh hwy in the dead of night with no lights on at
mind-blasting speeds. The thing about the Parkleigh was that there was no
street lamps to light the way and the road was so twisted and serpentine
that you'd have to react THE INSTANT you saw the turn or you'd be roadkill.

Fun stuff that.
12:12pm: All right, this is rather crass for you sensitive types but HILARIOUS nonetheless..

(from 'inevitablity' - how the heck could I turn his name into a link to his journal? waah..)

1:54pm: OK, I just got the info on how to provide a link to an lj users journal so I'm gonna try it ... NOW:

inevitabilty provided the Master Ninja url that lead me to this side-splitting quiz (that means funny):


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