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I Stay, I Go


10th March 2002

8:05am: OK, I'm a beastly dunun player/drummer in an W.Afr. Malinke-rhythm-playing ensemble called Nankama- means 'born for that'.

I've been vying to add some of the beautiful songs to our rhythms and have been met with less than tepid enthusiasm.

Until now.

Some of us recently saw a video of our last performance and realized how S N O R I N G we were, all stone-faced & serious, so our Leader, Woody Goodpecker, proposed that we learn the Baga Gine song to lighten things up, get people clapping n singing n such.. Ok, so, of course, I'm the ONLY one who knows it and I'm teaching it and everybody's hemming, hawing, shuffling, coughing ANYTHING but trying to sing and learn this friggin' song, right? "Waah, I can't sing!" "Uh, what are you sayin'?" "I sound like a dork" whine, fear, whine, right?. THEN Rod steps out from the shadows & starts singing, his voice is cracking and splitting and he's singing LOUD and everyone is snickering (and me too, a little) but mostly I'm fucking BEAMING cos the boyz got BALLS and that's ALL it takes to sing these incredible songs.

Big hairy balls,

..and HEART!

Yay Rod...!
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