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I Stay, I Go


12th March 2002

9:27am: My tummy hurts again...

Could be because I ENGORGED MYSELF last night?

(damn those Spring Rainbow Chips deluxe, *shakes fist*)

Oh s u r e the box is all bright and there's a cyoote lil' elf chasing polkadot butterflies and you just KNOW you're going to be all CHEERY once you connect to all that colorful spring goodness. But do they REEALLY bring happiness, I mean, ultimately???

Anyhoo I can't miss work again today co's I missed YESterday co's I CREATED a tummy ache co's I didn't want to go to work. And now I've got a bonafide tummy ache and I'm gonna haveta bite the bullet.

Oh, the irony...
10:23am: Once again, nomadic...
This just in from Woody:

"Nankama Tribe,

This may bring you happiness or sadness however I feel it needs to be.

I have had many wonderful and happy thoughts of Nankama and what we have accomplished together, but for awhile I have felt Nankama has come to the end of it's journey and must respond to my feelings. I value all of you and thank you all for your friendship within and outside of Nankama and hope it will continue until my last beat of the drum.


Just like that.

Nankama is no more.

Current mood: happy, sad, indifferent, happy, sad, indifferent..
Current music: my racing heart.
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