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I Stay, I Go


14th March 2002

9:05am: Color me bonked.
Ok, so this whole 'Bonker' thing was starting to bug me so, like a rabid dog desperately digging for his bone, I unearthed my thesaurus from a mountain of books and here's what words they have for Nose:

beak, beezer (wtf!?) , boko (wtf!?) , conk, pecker, proboscis, schnozzle, smeller, sneezer, snitch, snoot & snout.

Where the fuck is BONKER!? And isn't bonker far more superior than, say, boko?

OK, I fear I may have to abandon bonker (yea right ) so... what new word shall I use to replace it?
11:22am: Note to mistergone:

I gave your 'Life Quiz' to elmoosh with some side-splitting results.

(That reminds me - I need more synonyms for 'hilarious', help?)

I don't know how to post link to that particular post so just go to her site n find it.

( n then TEACH ME!!)

Hey nerd- y'there?

I want YOU to do it TOO!

(Quiz can be found on elmoosh's post as well.)

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