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I Stay, I Go


17th March 2002

8:38am: Ever since I went through the nightmare called 'Panic Disorder' some 10 years ago, I've wanted to help phobics face their feared situations. I mean, actually gently guiding them into whatever situation it was they feared, in increments, and just hold their hand through it, murmuring encouragements to feel the fear and do it anyway.

(why do we fear fear so? It's just like any other emotion; rising, dwelling, ceasing, causing no harm, a paper tiger.)

At one time I tried to contact some mental health counsellors in my area asking them to take my name & # and if they came across any phobics to just give me a ring a ding. I'm so naive, *sigh*. The only other way I can think to advertise my availability to phobics is to write my name and # and short mission statement in LIBRARY books that phobics are likely to be checking out.

So this is what I'm pondering now.

My tutoring job will soon be ending, I won't be needed again til Sept, how cool it would be to have a couple of phobic clients to work with over the summer.

I wouldn't charge too much.

(What would I charge?)

Nice to feel those juices flowing again. I used to have a tremendous amt of phobias and during that time all I yearned for was to know someone who had successfully gone through a similar thing. And that never happened, I had to blaze my own trails and I came out feeling Mighty because of it, so strong and sure but it would have been sooo much nicer....

suggestions welcome as always...
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