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I Stay, I Go


20th March 2002

2:49pm: sorta kinda nifty..
Well this is just so cute that it deserves a mention here.

Y'see when I first started my e-mail acct someone was already using

katia_r@hotmail so I decided to go with katia__r@hotmail.

Big mistake, right?

When I realized I wasn't receiving alot of what was being sent I figured that they were all going to katia_r. ( cos I'm a fwackin' genius, right?)

So I e-mailed her and said 'hey- couldja just forward on the strays co's my friends are Dolts and they just don't get the '2 underscore' thing, mmk?'

So she e'd me back and said 'oui, oui' (she's a sweet lil' frenchie in gay Paree) and she happily and with ne'er a fuss complied and has been doing so for years.

So a coupla of weeks ago I get a forward from her (yes, she's still getting my mail!) plus a little note saying that she's in LA, living & working, and she gushed on about how she LOVES being in the states, blah, blah.

Well, my BROTHER, little Pauly Wally lives in LA and it didn't take me long to convince him to drop her a line and offer to show her around some. He's been wanting to learn more french so poifect, right?

Well, THEY MET THIS MORNING for some coffee and I got an e-mail from Paul saying that she was downright adorable with her chubby cherub face and he sounded all googly and well, it just made my day.

Maybe if they get married i could talk her into giving me the katia_r@hotmail acct.

That would be soooo convenient....heh.
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