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I Stay, I Go


27th March 2002

9:43am: Ok, so I've been voraciously reading my friends journals for oh, hours now and it's my turn to say something.

I need to water my plants.

I walked into my kitchen a few minutes ago to get a tumbler of water and noticed that my plants are gasping. Yes, they are no longer asking, shuffling politely, they are well beyond the begging point too, they are at full blown gasping now.

And what did I do?

I walked right past them casting a wee look of pity their way.

And where did I go?

To plunk my widening derriere (no- fat butt) onto this horrendously uncomfortable and tilting chair , (I'm fwackin' seasick here!), and why?

To continue to read my god-damn friends journals- That's why.


You guyz are starting to bug me.

current mood: guilty & perturbed.
current music: the gasping, enough with the gasping!
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