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I Stay, I Go


28th March 2002

7:49am: Wanted: Thing.
Ok, so listen up.

I am in need of a "thing"

I am currently "thingless" and am asking for your help in acquiring a "thing".

So, you are asking, "what is this "thing" that she speaks of"?

Here are some examples:

Y'know how robotangel has to post when she steps on food? That's her "thing".

edbook's "thing" is posting photos,

ilenebook's "thing" is the prismacolor pencil art.

elmoosh's "thing" is the "quote of the day" and pelicans and pudding. (3 things!!)

evan's "thing" is computers,

heman's "thing" is, well, being heman !

theviolet's "thing" is taking you on magical word journeys.

joegotamuffin's "thing" is coffee and fresh-baked loaves, and

nder's "thing" is the whining, always with the whining..

Are you getting the picture?

So, What's my Thing?

suggestions encouraged!

*zaps you with a cattle prod*


UPDATE: robotangel is waaahaahaay more than food stomp & tell girl.
She is the Amazing-picture-taking-girl-with-the-new-Ultra-Kick-Ass-camera-who-can-also-sketch-like-a-crazed-artist-and-make-me-laugh-til-I-swallow-my-tongue-and-oh-so-much-more-person..

wow. she is sumpthin'...
9:21am: Ok, I have to go in to work early today, for a tutor meeting.

I will be bored to tears.

How can I distract & amuse myself while still looking absorbed?
11:19am: I'm sorry.

This is not funny but

it so is.
4:53pm: Yes, I did water my plants and

No, I haven't thought of my "thing" yet,

but I did learn how to do this , see?


Bless ya nder
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