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I Stay, I Go


29th March 2002

8:20am: Hmmm, lessee, I'm supposed to be washing 2 sink-fulls of dishes and clearing off all of my kitchen counter space because the big, rugged hispanic workmen are coming to give me a new sink and counters- wheeee! ... and what am I doing instead?

You guessed it....
8:43am: I found a "Thing"!!
Ok, so here's my thoughts on the whole "thing" thing.

I think I will temporarily take on the title of "Daily Quote Doler" n see how that goes.

Not like mooooshy where she chooses a quote from one of her friends post for that day.

(I LOVE that idea tho and have contemplated stealage.)

But see I've got bins and bins of quotes that I've been saving for, oh, god-I-can't-disclose-that-cos-it's-too-damn-pitiful.

That long.

And now,

*light-bulb moment*

I Know Why!

You see, it was ALL to culminate in this , this Grand, High, Coveted position of being Daily Quote Doler. ( lawd, I need a new name folks- Dolt the Quote Doler?)

I will hold this position with dignity and aplumb, (I mean, a plum, mmm sticky yum..)

*wipes hands on shirt*

and it will be a cherished favorite for, oh, several days at which point I will tire of it and abandon it tearlessly and sneer at it n stuff...

But how to get this party off to a lively start?

(briefly considers delving <--Ilene made me say that! into her bottomless bins but no, am too overwhelmed by that prospect, so my mind's floodlight switches on in search of Sparkling Shimmering Dazzling quotes and my brain spits out this:

"Many actions which seem cruel
are from a deep friendship.
Many demolitions are actually renovations"


Now just remember that when I start to kick yer ass, mmk?

(hmmm, I like the way this is going so far..) :9
2:06pm: Ugh.

You are not going to believe this but the worker guy just left- (had big buck teeth and coke bottle glasses- looked like a cartoon so me giggled.) and so I walk into the kitchen prepared to be all dazzled and blinded by my new unblemished countertops and what do you think I saw?

The most HIDEOUS shade of grey (my color nemesis ) mottled with black & white flecks that were specifically designed to make me Wretch in Mighty Buckets.


How can I live like this???

current mood: distressed like a mutha'!
3:13pm: OH MY GOD!!

I just made elmoosh's Quote of the day !!!

*struts her fine self...*
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