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I Stay, I Go


1st April 2002

8:35am: Queen Quote sez....
Don't ask yourself what the world needs;
ask yourself what makes you come alive,
and then go and do that .
Because what the world needs is people
who have come alive ...

-Harold Whitman.
9:05am: Get it On - Bang a Drum - Get it On...
I've stopped wondering what this urging is..

I have to beat on my drum for hours on end, even when alone, and sometimes I just stop; panting, sweating, exhilarated and think "WTF? Why am I doing this?"

(Um, maybe cos it induces panting, sweating & exhilaration? *doink*)

Well I could say that drumming is in my blood. After all my dad was a drummer in Scotland where he was born n raised. He drummed for a marching band.

Then my lil brother Paul is a drummer but I think his fire has long burned down. He was a 'trap' drummer, y'know full drum set stylee. Not me. Too synthetic or sumpthin'.

I need drums carved from a tree with a goatskin head (or cowhide if it's a dun.)
Funny tho', co's I don't advocate killing animals OR trees but for me, it's connecting to that primitiveness that's essential and that's not going to happen with a SNARE drum, gah.

Sat eve on Vashon was awesome.

The very BEST W.Afr. drummers in Seattle were there and Tyler too, just back from Africa.
When this guy plays you really don't know where he stops and the drum starts cos it's ALL ONE baby - it's like another appendage or sumpthin - soooo cool. And he doesn't try to hide his emotions while playing. I HATE that! He twists and contorts his face and SMILES and LAUGHS and embodies the JOY that drumming brings out.

I'm taking him on as a teacher and I feel like my drumming will just go through the ROOF now.

God, my heart's racing & I'm shaking just thinking about it....
4:44pm: Bless-ed Be the Slow-pokes.
I just want to take a moment out of my busy day to heartily THANK everyone who drives within the speed limit.

Y'see, I've got this NEED for SPEED and as I was peeling home from work, doing well over the speed limit as per usual, a wee snail of a car turned in at the red light and I was FORCED to comply with the 35 mph JUST as a cop passed on the other side.

This is THE THIRD TIME THIS WEEK this has happened.

So though it may LOOK like my fists are raised to the heavens with Fury-
deep down I love you guys and you are saving me a TRUCKLOAD of money!

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