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I Stay, I Go


2nd April 2002

8:43am: Damn.

Between all the reading, posting, & commenting,

this lj thing is like having a 2nd job.

But no paycheck, waaahh.
8:48am: The Swing.
Ok, so I had this dream which someday, if I get better at writing, I'd like to tweak n turn it into a children's book. I'd call it....

The Swing.

Z and I were in an empty room, just kinda poking around, when suddenly we spied a swing. It was made out of a plank of wood and 2 thick ropes. So we got on and started to swing.

We swang higher and higher until *snap*, the ropes broke and we went tumbling, tumbling out of control until we skidded wildly into someone's kitchen. There were cats everywhere, maybe hundreds, definitely dozens. They were all yooooowwling and scratching our legs and so thin that their ribs jutted out. I knew they were starving so I started to fling open the cupboards to find some food. I found tall stacks of canned food in one cupboard and one by one started opening them with a hand-held can-opener, took forever but, at some point, all the cats were eating and quiet. So Z and I looked around and....

we saw another swing.

Same plank, same rope but now, in repair. So we got on and started to swing. Higher n higher n higher then *snap*, the ropes break, we're tumbling through the air again but we're a little more experienced now so we try to maintain some semblance of control and our landing was a bit wobbly but much smoother.

We're now in my dream house, a house made entirely of glass.

The furnishings were posh, brilliant red carpet, white sofa, plants everywhere. I couldn't believe my luck. Z started wandering around and something caught the corner of my eye. I looked out to see these huge grey ominous-looking clouds. I felt a sense of dread, of trepidation. The clouds were hurling toward us quickly and I knew we had to get away or something horrid would happen. So we started looking around for a way out and we found....

a swing.

So we hurriedly got on, started feverishly pumping our legs, higher n higher until *snap* the rope breaks, we're in total control now, just soaring through the air, holding the plank steady to our bums and we come in for a perfect landing this time.

We're at the top of a skyscraper, in a cafeteria.

Z walked over to a table of strangers and started chatting. How uncharacteristic of him! I sat myself down in the middle of a long table to dust myself off and catch my breath. When i looked up a man was sitting across from me. He was ragged, filthy and had the most evil eyes I had ever seen. I slowly started to get up and he mirrored my every move. I stood, he stood, I started to walk along the edge of the table. He started to circle as well. We're circling the table, walking, not taking my eyes off him, he's leering and coming faster now. Soon we're running around the table until suddenly I can't take it and I burst through a window and start falling, falling until...

I wake up.

So keeewwl, huh?

Take out the part with evil, ragged guy and voila! Children's book, oui?
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