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I Stay, I Go


4th April 2002

7:25am: If any of my lj friends in Seattle would like to join me and some Real Life friends today for a drum jam in Gasworks pk at 4:30, then stop on by.

I'll be the one with the long dreddies and a blissful look on my face.

Bring drums, shakers, bells, claves, 2 pieces of wood to smack together, you get the picture...
10:27am: Two guys have cancelled out on the jam later. Sux.

I'm definitely still going though. I know FOR SURE that Larry & Ricardo will be there so even if it's just us 3, it'll be worth it playing in the sun. I can't wait til' my skin starts to bronze. I have never felt natural in this white flesh of mine. I will feel like I am finally in my right skin when I'm dark from the sun...

Something about Larry bugs me though. He looks so straight for one thing. I know that's just surface petty stuff but there's also the fact that he HOLDS IT ALL IN. I mean IF he's enjoying himself, you really can't TELL cos he looks so serious n solemn, like he's doing a job.

Ricardo's kewl, he looks straight too, but he's got a smiley vibe when he plays, like he's grooovin' n such..

I was just over at ilenebook's journal, marvelling over this tribute in art for pet's past & present. She has such a gift and it's a wonderful idea!

I really should get back to my sketching. No I won't say that, I WILL get back to it when it's time to. I won't try to rush things. Right now I'm immersed in a land of rhythm and drums and I love it there.

I liked her pet's names too.

I once had 18 cats in a one bedroom apt. (the bedroom was the litter box - I was so young and foolish and loving cats so.) And I acquired a little white kitty, pure white, and for the life of me I could not come up with an original name for her so we all referred to her as "the little white one." Later I heard a man call "Winter!" to his white Husky dog and thought that would have been a stellar name for my kitty.

Lovely memories though...
11:38am: OH! MY! GAAAAWWWD!!!

There is a community here in lj land called sluttyforhugs where you can go, whenever you need to, to get a HUG!

Here's a typical post:

"Hi. Im Matt and I am so Slutilicous for hugs. *huuuug* "

I am ENDLESSLY amused by this lj thing..

3:31pm: B O W I E
This is my idea of Knock Down Handsome.

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