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I Stay, I Go


5th April 2002

7:22am: Aaaahhhh,

I'm feeling so gooooood & relaaaaaxed after about 5 hours of drumming last light.

Slightly achey in the shoulders, that good kind of achey like you've worked hard and loved it.

Split my stick finger open and won't play again til' Sunday.

Damn having flesh.

i_dread was the only lj-er to show up at Gasworks yesterday.

*Waves, smiles & shouts out to Tony!*

It was so fun meeting someone who's life I've been reading about all this time.
He was the epitome of COOL, big Rasta mon, veeeery Irie, mellow, good vibed brother.

Where were you and robotangel? Dred & I were hoping you'd swing by. We needed some dancers. And we all know that Jamie's such a GREAT dancer...;)


That's inevititability with steveness, taken by robotangel.

Wooooooorrrk iiiiiiittt!!!

He hem *clears throat* What's so wonderful about playing outside is that you get to look around and see that you're having a positive effect on people. There were people w/frisbees and playing kickball and everywhere you looked they were bopping and strutting along w/the rhythms.
Little children are the best. They walk right up to you and start clapping and dancing, they've yet to develop their masks so they're all maskless and shining. So awesome...

I'll close with a joke:

What do you see when you look down a mole hole?


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, can't you just see the cu-yooote widdo mole asses? heh...
1:00pm: Queen Quote is dead.

I speared her in the hall.

But I didn't sneer.
1:30pm: You see, I'm too impatient.

And I grasped at any old "thing" co's I so wanted a "thing" but being the quote lady just isn't my thing. Right. It USED to be my thing. Like over at BuddhaChat, I would leave an inspiring quote every single day. I did that for a year or so. Then someone named "Bodhisattva" (Bodhi=awake, sattva=being) came into the community and started posting TWENTY quotes a day and I soon high-tailed it out of there. My little offering was buried there and no longer shone. And I still have a bad taste from that.

So I guess I just need to gestate.

And if a "thing" naturally comes my way I'll embrace that.
And if it doesn't, I'll embrace that too.

Or maybe my "thing" will be to report when a slow-poke driver saves me from a speeding ticket and to extol their virtues.

That would drive inushnu absolutely BONKERS !!

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