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I Stay, I Go


9th April 2002

8:32am: I am pulling away.

I do love this lj thing. I have made friends with people from all over the world - interesting people; writers, artists, comedians, photographers, elmoosh (I had to put her in a category of her own) - you name it, amazing people. And you all live in this little box that I can turn off & on at whim and, well - has a more perfect form of relationship been invented? Of course not...

But nonetheless, I am pulling away.

It's SPRING fer Chrissakes!!!

9:02am: Rilke's da man, seen?
Excerpt from Rilkes's book, "The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge:

"But the woman, the woman: she had completely fallen into herself, forward into her hands. It was on the corner of rue Notre-Dame-des-Champs. I began to walk quietly as soon as I saw her. When poor people are thinking, they shouldn't be disturbed. Perhaps their idea will still occur to them.

The street was too empty; its emptiness had gotten bored and pulled my steps out from under my feet and clattered around in them, all over the street, as if they were wooden clogs. The woman sat up, frightened, she pulled out of herself, too quickly, too violently, so that her face was left in her two hands. I could see it lying there: its hollow form. It cost me an indescribable effort to stay with those two hands, not to look at what had been torn out of them. I shuddered to see a face from the inside, but I was much more afraid of that bare flayed head waiting there, faceless."

whew. I am so flackin' HOT for Rilke.

10:41am: Why is there a 'Murder of crows' on the one hand and
'An exhaltations of larks' on the other.

Somehow, beneath words, it makes sense.

11:08am: I keep clicking on my 'user info' to see if robotangel has added me as a friend yet so I can view her angry 'friends only' post.

I am such the loser, no?
12:32pm: Lj has committed Mighty Suckage on my time today.

1:11pm: You know, I was only HALF kidding about the 'train the cats to do housework' thing.

I've taught Mudge how to retrieve bows.

You know, those pretty shiny bows that dress up pretty shiny packages?

Yes, those. She LOVES those and sometimes I think she thinks all the bows in the world are her babies. Cos she acts like it.

So she will bring a bow up with her, onto my bed, and start to curl up around it and get all cosy when I SNATCH IT UP and fling it off the bed and hopefully out the door.
She bolts up, looking all distressed, and leaps away to retrieve the abused bow, brings it back onto the bed, eyeing me suspiciously, I invariably re-fling, another look of indignation, ad infinitum.

Now how can I turn her propensity to retrieve to my advantage?

*wrings hands wickedly*
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