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I Stay, I Go


12th April 2002

9:20am: I'd like to warmly welcome comfortslut as a new friend.

This is the post that won me over.

We have the same issues, heh.
12:13pm: Man legs
So, I'm taking a shower

and I look down

and I see....


Yes, they're all hairy and mannish and though I'm glad I don't shave them anymore, it's still a shock at times to see these man legs attached to my body.

I used to shave them religiously. I liked the way they felt just after, all smooth and silky, nice. I'd feel sooooo sexy..

But there was always a hint of underlying dissatisfaction with the fact that I was doing something that "society" dictated that I "should" be doing. And, woh boy, I despise "shoulds" with a Mighty Passion. Probably more than anything else.

Then one day, through a friend, I met an incredible Indian woman. She was positively REGAL. And sooo full of wisdom and stories and impassioned dialogues exhalting D.H. LAWRENCE and (was it?) the Plumed Serpent? My memory fails her glory. Her name was Dohana. Doh HAW na.
She was The Keeper of the Sacred pipe for her tribe - god I've forgotten the spelling for it, sounds like 'klincket'. This honor was very rare among women but it was obvious to everyone who met her that she was Strong, Unwavering in Dignity, Natural, Beauty, Keeper of Wisdom & Love. Yes, ALL THAT.

So one day, we decide to go hang out at the beach together and she shimmys out of her long skirt and reveals the hairiest mutha ass legs that I ever did see. And she looked so
B E A U T E O U S there all natural and earth mother-like.

I haven't shaved a hair on my body since.

Yay Dohana - A cloudburst of blessings to you in Santa Fe girl - where ever you are!!
1:08pm: You're kissing Mudge!?


Gaawd, I can't believe she came outta someone's BUTT.

You're kissing POOP!!

-the joys of living w/kidz, part 1.
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