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I Stay, I Go


13th April 2002

1:03pm: I must be sick.

I have 2 packs of peanut butter m&m's left over from YESTERDAY! This is a 1st. Those babies don't go 24 hours uneaten in MY possession. Evah. Then I had that bit with the saliva. You know how when you're gettin' ready to vomit you first get that mad rush of saliva? Well, that just happened but no accompanying vomit reflex. Just buckets n buckets of saliva. Weird.

Maybe it's from the beer. Beer bad. Beer very very bad.

*wags finger*

Yea, I had some beer last night at ..ing.. Kewl name huh?

It was robotangel's birthday. She is drool-worthy, that one. And I got to meet my bestest lj buddy nder (pronounced: nerd). He's so cuy-yoote and looks all of 12, I mean 24, heh. And Wilb was there and Zain with his sexy mutha hands and lot's more but enh, me no feel good. Must.lie.down.now.

*waves nigh nigh to Angel & nerdboy*
2:54pm: Why do I always think that toast will make me feel better if I'm nauseous?
I think part of me actually thinks the toast will go down into my tummy and, sponge-like, will absorb all the nasty sicky.

Am I demented or what?

*pads off for toast*
4:12pm: I am stuffing my face with bread while I'm waiting for the toast.

I will positively throw down and kiss the next person who uses the word 'sheathed' in a conversation with me.

Why are people not using the yummy words?

(Leave me a yummy word.)
9:53pm: Not suitable for children under...ah hell, who'm I kidding?

Lawd, I'm glad da boyz don't bother coming here, ha!

Funny, but if one of THEM had a journal and I found this on there, well, it'd be time for the rolling pin if y'know what I mean. ;)

*I love the way he throws his little head back in ecstacy -ha!*
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