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I Stay, I Go


14th April 2002

11:06am: Ha. Just a few minutes ago I was in my car stopped at a red light. I looked over to the car next to me just in time to see a very clean-shaven man, wearing a tie, pull down his visor, lean into his mirror and start to apply some lipstick.

I LOVE when weirdness comes my way...

I've been thinking about my last post which reminded me to tell you that I like when guys refer to their wangs as 'peckers'. I think that is very polite. Much more polite than even 'penis' which is just, well, c r u d e. I want a man who will call it his Man Meaty Love Potato.

I'd have to marry him fer sure .

Well, I'm off with my drummys to go put a bounce in the step of every marcher who fearlessly shows up on this cold, clammy, wet day to march for EARTHWALK. Co's it's the least I can do for my dear old Mother.

Have a good day and I want some more yummy words!!!

I've got TALENTED WRITERS on here fer crapssake!!!

Need. More. Yummies.
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