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I Stay, I Go


16th April 2002

8:41am: So I've just had the last 11 days off. *drunk with bliss*

And now I'm supposed to be making that BUSLOAD of cash to carry me through the summer, right?. How I do this is by going from school to school and subjecting innocent, wide-eyed children to a battery of about 12 different tests. Decidedly un-fun tests. Poor munchkins. Anyhoo, then I collect that data and hand it over to WA Research for some tidy sums. Lot's of tidy sums. It's actually a fun job and can be downright HI-larry-us too.

Here's an example. (Keep in mind that in NO WAY can I help these kids; no nods, no prompts, I can not tell them when they're doing something right or wrong so....)

me: So, Kimmy, I want you to s t r e t c h this word out, then say it fast, mmk?

*pats her head & points to the word 'sit'*

Kimmy: uh,..uh...sshhh...um...ssshhhhiii....uh,....ssssssshhhhhhiiiiiiiii -


*my arms & body go flailing across the desk now causing all the papers to go flying through the air*

Kimmy looks up at me in mild horror - her eyes round like saucers, and says

"Ooooooooo, datsa baaaaad woooord...!"

And the very saddest thing of all was that I COULD NOT tell her that indeed it was not a bad word at all. It was just harmless ol' 'sit'. A more innocuous word does not exist. And she got to leave there thinking that there was an adult in this world who was allowed to come into her school, pull her out of her warm, safe classroom and force her to say the word 'shit'.

That's just........sad.

Anyway, turns out the schools don't want me to start til NEXT Monday giving me a WHOLE EXTRA BONUS WEEK OFF!!

Life just doesn't get much better than this.

10:56am: So the illuminate robotangel has offered to make me a new icon.


(I think she is tiring of dear Leo there.)

So I spend a good 3 hours over at google images trying to find an icon-worthy pic that says ME. So I start throwing ME words into the search engine. Drums, drummers, Africa (yes, I'm a whitey from t o r o n t o - SO!!??), Art, Ecstasy (mostly pill shots but I wanted BLISS-FILLED FACES), joy, funny, ponyta, rapidash, sledgehammer (y'know - fer when I get mad at Jaimie), masks and finally, cheese.


Today I'm putting in scream, mighty, think and funny faces.

Anyone know of any cool twisted artist sites?
Y'know something like what Kafka would've painted had he been an artist?

*does the 'it's time for a new icon' jig*
1:26pm: Ok, so Monday when I start working full-time, I'm going to give my eating habits a major butt-whuppin', and then we'll have a good cry together and then the reasoning will commence. Seen.

I'm 5'9" and, up until 2 years ago, I've always been lithe. That's how my body was meant to be - not because society says so - because I say so. So what happened 2 years ago? Well, after being smoke-free for a year, baby, food started tastin' so GOOOOD. And then, you know that innate device we have that tells us to stop eating cos we're full?

C O M P L E T E L Y gone.

So, now I'm climbing the walls looking for a macaroni & cheese recipe I have TO DIE FOR because I most assuredly will be going out with a BANG!!!

6 days and counting.

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