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I Stay, I Go


19th April 2002

8:34am: A Voice from Africa...
I like the way I feel today,.....very quiet.

There isn't a lot buzzing around in my head causing me to scramble for the post-its. (This is my usual morning routine, heh.) I'm in 'receive' mode which is always so nice.

I have a friend, a brother, whose name is Michael Hunter. He is fiercely intelligent, fiercely passionate and extremely kind & loving. He's been in W.Afr. for 3 mos, studying rhythms, planting gardens, and so, so much more. I feel so proud of him like a sister is proud of her little brother when she sees that he has become a fine, loving, compassionate young man.....young Lion.

He's been sending us e-mails regularly describing, as a poet would, his journeys there, inner & outer. I'd like to share his last 'coming home' letter with you, my friends.

If you want to read something amazingly lovely and be transported to a different place, culture & life, click below. It may seem long but let yourself read the first paragraph and then decide whether you'd like to turn back.

We will welcome him back into the Pride tonight.

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10:54am: You know, after I wrote that rather wrenching account of Kathy yesterday, I sank back in my chair and thought, "We are all exquisitely tormented." At first I was a little shocked at the use of 'exquisite' there but upon further investigation it made sense to me.

We must all go through our own tragedies and sufferations, yet, in a way, they are exquisite in that W E - C A N - A C H E.

We can take something deeply into ourselves and feel the agony of it, and that ability, I suspect, is also what helps us to reach the unfathomable heights of Ecstasy. It's that DEPTH that is so imperative to me.

Too f e e l that d e e p l y is a gift.

On either side of the scale.

I really must say that I am grateful for it all.
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