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I Stay, I Go


20th April 2002

6:14pm: Clakk Attack.
Michael brought me back a krin.


One of his e-mails from Africa spoke excitedly about taking some krin lessons and I had always adored the sounds of the 2 sticks clakkity-clakking on the hollowed out stump. Then the fact that they were slit made for different tones in different places and I just loved that too. It reminds me of bones.

So, feeling playful, I hit 'reply' on the e-mail and tapped out,

"Yo Bro, bring. me. krin."

I knew bloody hell that it would never happen, I mean, they had sooooo much to get and krins are heavy and bulky and clumsy and

he got me a krin.

I love him so.


ps: He lost 15 lbs, I found it on my ass and he is still one Hawt Muthah. Yup.
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