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I Stay, I Go


22nd April 2002

7:20am: Whatz in yer braiiiin, kiddies??
So today I start my 6 week stint with WA Research.

I won't be around nearly as much as I have been.

Guess I just wanted to say - I'll miss you all.

You're my little family that lives in the box...

and that means a lot to me.

2:00pm: There is nothing so confusing as being single and (almost) 43.

Today I saw a grey-headed man. His hair was short & shaggy. He had an interesting but not terribly exciting face and I thought, "Is this the kind of guy I'm supposed to be attracted to now?"

I honestly don't know.

And another thing is I can't tell ages. Is he 45 and prematurely grey? Is he 50? 60? Does it even matter!? I'm not sure if it does. (HELLA confusing!)

Thing is I'm still attracted to young, lion-hearted, long-haired or dreaded types. There has to be something feral about them. A glimpse of the beast in their eyes. I don't see that often in older men.

They mostly just look tired...
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