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I Stay, I Go


25th April 2002

7:53am: Ha! it's funny...

I've only been scarce since Monday and already I feel like a stranger here. A little shy, y'know? Like I'm starting over...

I am missing you all but strangely I'm not having to hang on to your every word as I was, oh, a mos. ago? I'd have to read every post before I could get on with my life. Now? I'm a world-class skimmer. Oh, there's 6 or 7 people who I have to read-every-word-of. That every other thing they say is mind-blowing and glimmering and quote-worthy.

But most of you are just skim-worthy. ;P

*waits to see the #'s plummet*

(you know, I'm just kidding dontchoo? It was my explicit lj mission, right from the start, to surround myself with the most interesting lj-ers possible......and here you are.)

Hey! That reminds me- I got dropped by someone for the very first time!
I can't figure out who but it was just a small prick and I thought that was very mature of me, don't you?

Ahh well, time to go Torture the Kiddies, heh.

*sharpens pencils maniacally*
8:05am: Don't think of him as a seeker.
Whatever he's looking for, he is that himself.
How can a lover be anything but the beloved?

Every second he's bowing into a mirror.
If he could see for just a second one molecule
of what's there without fantasizing about it,
he'd explode.


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