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I Stay, I Go


9th May 2002


I have 2 new userpics and knowledge of how to post them, all thanks to the INCOMPARABLE roshi!!! She's giving a bunch away on one of her posts today. You RAWK sistah thang!


This one and....
9:28am: ....this one.

Whaddaya think?

Me likes.

This one is closer to how I feel most of the time than Sedate Leo was.

But I'm ASPIRING to that, heh.
11:45am: I met the eyes of a stranger today and realized that that could change my life.

That every stranger I see could be a new adventure.
2:14pm: Speed demonchile...
I am becoming quite the aggressive driver.

*crax knuckles*

This time last year I would never have entertained the thought of tail-gating someone.

Now it is a Way of Life.

(This is what happens when you don't have sex fer years n years n years - truly)

I spend 90% of my driving time in the left lane - THE FAST LANE PEOPLE !!!!!

Do NOT drive in my lane unless you belong there!!!

You do NOT belong there if:

a) you are driving the speed limit, (this is noble, ok, but NOT IN THE FAST LANE!!)

b) you are driving under the speed limit, (god help you - I am going to look like a SCREAMING PSYCHO DEMON in your rearview as I CRAM MY WAY ALL UP INTO YOUR HAIRYBALLS MISTAH!)

c) if you are just too plain OLD (or ASIAN, tee) to drive fast gracefully. C'mon, I've nothing against our elders. Just GETTHEHELLOUTTAMYLANEGRANDPA!!!! or

d) if you're drunk. If you are driving drunk ANYWHERE IN MY VISION I will come after you and run you clear off the road. Period. I drive an 89 Ford Taurus. I could GIVE a shit about any damage. Please.


I used to have and race a 71 Cuda that looked something like this:


'Cept the air-scoop wasn't that big, unforch, and mine was a sparkling metallic dark pine green. In the right light it'd look like millions of tiny fireworks exploding off of her. Soooo purdy. I misher.


Djoo guys ever read this?

*notion-to-rant c/o inevitability
3:05pm: I am a strong knifeblade
word, not some
'if' or 'maybe'
dissolving into air.


I love this so...
10:50pm: I swiped this from seattle:
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