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I Stay, I Go


15th May 2002

7:34am: I am feeling so very voyeuristic this morning.

So....tell me a secret. ;)

Something you wouldn't normally tell others.

And I'll tell you one for each one I receive.

You first.

Current Mood: mischievous
6:32pm: To praise is to praise
how one surrenders
to the emptiness.

9:08pm: My cheeks hurt.

I'm halfway into blowing up a bag of 30 balloons. Yup. It's Z's 12th birthday and every year I blow up a 30-bag and litter the floors with balloons. I used to get all fancy and put 3 balloons in each corner, all tied together with twisted crepe paper and then link all the corners to the center where I'd have a colorful splay of balloons tumbling down. Did that for a few years til' I realized that they would just come tearing through, roaring and ripping the balloons down, stomping and popping and squealing and ravaging. Why bother? Now they go directly from mouth to floor.

I'm one smart cookie.

But not smart enough to be blowing balloons with a posse.

Now that would have been brilliant. ;)
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