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I Stay, I Go


23rd May 2002

The fact that I am sitting down at the computer now is INSANITY PERSONIFIED!!!

I'm off....I'm off....I'm off to Dunun village which is in a s e c r e t location inna da northern California WOODZ baaybay!! The very best Malinke drummers innada COUNTRY all gathering TOGETHER deep d e e e p in the forest by a river where we'll wash and splash the way before showers. We'll beat our drums with tremendous love and respect and DIGNITY, and we'll play and sleep on the mother and sing and share food and connect oh-so-deeply-beyond-any-words and rejoice and probably cry too co's it's all sooo damn beautiful and dance and LOVE and be and celebrate the awe that is US and that is LIFE and that is RHYTHM & SONG.

*bouncing madly*

Oh me gosh me gosh I haven't even started to pack, shower, shove my madly flabbering heart back into my chest...


Gone til' Tuesday lovies. Can y'hold down the fort for me?

11:38am: -Quote of the Day-

"Aren't we all gifts to each other... and our words the wrapping we long to take apart?"


2:24pm: We stand in the wake of this chattering and grow airy.
How can anyone say what happens, even if each of us
dips a pen a hundred million times into ink?


And with that, dear friends, adieu...!
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