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I Stay, I Go


31st May 2002

8:59am: I have this plastic cube which used to contain little square multi-colored papers for jotting down notes with. Now it is stuffed to the gills with phone #'s, so that each time I need to find a # I have to spend 20 years rifling through it. So, this morning, while commiting sortage, I ran across this little paper with cute dinosaurs on it and my handwriting crawled across it. It said:

"I love you...

And your big bonker (grin)

And your big pimple (cheshire)

And your big Love (gulp).."

It was a note to myself after seeing this ooogly pic of me w/my kitty Tommy where my nose was all red and zitified.

I'm so glad I like myself...

9:12am: And to ALL my Seattle lj friends:

You're all warmly invited to a birthday bash celebrating 3 birthdays!!
Me- 6/1, my friend Melanie- 6/3, and friend Jon- 6/3. We're having a big drum & dance bash at friend Ellesa's house tomorrow eve starting around 9-ish.

Address: 6608 Dayton Ave N. (in Phinney Ridge area, I believe)

Just follow the pounding drums....
10:36am: ~ QUOTE OF THE DAY ~

"We must travel in the direction of our fear."

~ J. Berryman.
11:04am: I haven't always been a good friend when I could have. I usually choose to take the selfish route - my solitude. But it's starting to nag me a little. Wonder what it means....?

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