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I Stay, I Go


1st June 2002

11:59am: So far this birthday is very uncharacteristic of me.

First thing this morning, I did the dishes. What the flack happened to my NO HOUSEWORK ON MY BIRTHDAY rule? The funny thing is I WAS doing it for me....as a gift so that whenever I walk into the kitchen today, it will gleam...

What else? The boyz forgot, of course. Even though I reminded them every single day this week. ("So Z, you're new hobby is collecting pencil shavings? Ooooo and you've already got a big tub-full! You know what would make a great gift? If you drew a picture and used some shavings for the hair.") Oh LAWWD, I tried... How come they never forget their birthdays?

And there was mondo conflict earlier - even with all my birthday leverage, bleh.

Anyway, they're gone now......

*unknots shoulder muscles*

Lot's planned for later, just thought I'd pop in and ask for prezzies.

Deposit a yummy word for the birthday gal?

You know how I savor them so...
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