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I Stay, I Go


4th June 2002

7:46am: I used to know a lot.

Now I see that I know nothing.

This is a very good start...
9:16am: There's something about bones....
In the car, on the way to dunun village, I was telling Melanie how I loved the clakkety clakk sound of the krin: krin It's a hollowed out log with slits that's traditionally played with 2 sticks and has different tones depending on where you strike it. That clakkety clakk sound always makes me think of bones. And I like that. I also mentioned to her that it would be great to actually play my krin with bones.

So, last night at our AFO rehearsal, she hands me 2 long thin bones!!!


She tells me they're from the ribs of a Sea Lion. A sea LION.


Could I be anymore grateful!??

I'm a wee bit concerned, however, that this is going to see me sailing over the edge of sanity into some psycho primal place that I may never return from.

Ahhh, what the hell.

See you on the other side....;)

12:35pm: I am not a poet. Though during a 10 day silent meditation retreat 2 years ago, I was flooded with poetry relating to my surroundings. I was so lucid and there was nothing in the way. No me preventing it, just flow.

So nice but all lost since writing was discouraged during the retreat. We were not to become attached to anything. That was part of the point.

But today I've been positively inspired by verian and miss daisydumont that I feel something bubbling, wanting to blurt it's way out. So I'll try to stay out of it's way and see what it wants to say....

I'm also going to stay in keeping with the subject that they were trading their poems on, which is:


You had no understanding of the ways of the road.
Your delicate mind was full of trust.
Smashed faith.
My prayers flow out in a stream behind me through the crack in the window.
They float over you but you are asleep now.
Gnarled, bleeding and asleep.
Your face frozen in my mind,
in itself.
I don't want to look but I must.
A life was lost here and I must be a witness.
There's some kind of crazy beauty in being the witness.
It wasn't all in vain.

wow, that was very challenging and fun. To try to feel something for real , the way it actually happens, to try and capture that.....intriguing

Thanks you two...
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