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I Stay, I Go


10th June 2002

9:29am: I have a really nice life....

I spent a good deal of Saturday AND Sunday drumming, singing & clapping with friends (& strangers, yes!) at Gasworks park. There really is nothing like drumming and singing out under the open sky with a glistening lake nearby and cracks of sun splaying on your face. There were lots of folks out with their dogs, their kites, their frisbees. It felt good to look around and see people shaking their hips while waiting for a frisbee to be tossed their way. I really like having a positive effect on people. That's part of the Joy for me. Every toddler I saw lead their parents right up to us, their faces shining with big toothy grins, their little legs bouncing on immobile feet. They are so Extra-Ordinarily Cu-yoote, yes they are...

I'm soooo grateful for everything....and everyone in my life.

And yes, you.

Stay together, friends.
Don't scatter and sleep.

Our friendship is made
of being awake.

2:08pm: I've been cleaning today and not appalled by it.
Not loving it but
not begrudging it.

Just kinda floating....


no resistance.
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