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I Stay, I Go


11th June 2002

8:16am: I swiped this link from verian


Substitute your user name at the end of link for an interpretation of your journal.

It changes every time you refresh and it's Mondo-Fun!

Here's my favorite interpretation so farCollapse )
9:14am: I feel coarse today, like gravel.

All edges. Jagged. Unrefined.

Now there's a word - Jagged.

*holds it to the light & turns it*

Rilke's words flood in,

"She is proud but that is not the fault of her youth.
She is proud as marble is in the hands of Michelangelo, proud as a flower in a picture of the Madonna,
proud as a ray of sunlight passing over diamonds..."

Lord, I'm so filled with gratitude I could burst.
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