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I Stay, I Go


26th June 2002

3:50pm: There's something wrong.

I have so little driving me these days. So little fuel for anything domestic. I was once quite fastidious and liked everything in its place. I would become very distracted in the midst of a conversation if anything in my immediate surroundings was askew. I'd have to pounce up and straighten it immediately, a stack of books or papers usually. I needed my environment neat, neat, neat! A clean, bare counter for me was an airy little sanctuary for me to hover over. A clean, tidy place to me meant a clean tidy mind.



Where do we keep the can opener on Tuesdays?
6:45pm: I must say it because I truly believe it and I am in no way looking to knock anyone's spiritual beliefs..

That said, I am glad that they are looking into this "under God" business in the pledge of allegiance. These 2 words unduly influence my children and, in my opinion, perpetuate a myth which it will be hard for them and others to disengage from. Not to mention how it discourages other spiritual possibilites. I, for one, believe that man created god and not the other way around. Who's to say that I'm wrong?

Get religion and 'God' out of government and out of our schools unless it's to have an all-inclusive discussion about many of the spiritual philosophies. I am all for that! Don't shove your mass unproven/unproveable beliefs down my nor my children's throats.

I want my children to think and explore and dive and deduce, thank you very much.

Gaahh, this irks me.
9:14pm: Joy's drunk again. She's my downstairs neighbor. She's about 65 years old, rather obese and has a fair amount of health problems. She's been drinking alot lately and when she does she ends up on her patio crooning "Oh, I beeliieeeeve I can flyyyyy. I beeliieeve I can toooouuch the skkkyyyyy. I belieeeeeeeve I caaaaaann flllyyyyyyyyyyyy...!"

Always the same song.

It's kind of silly and sweet and sad.

And there's something quite hopeful about it really....
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