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I Stay, I Go


13th July 2002

11:22am: I sooo love lj on the week-ends. It is so quiet- almost completely still- and I benefit greatly from that...

Today the boys are gone and I am spending the afternoon putting all the balcony items that have been crowded into my living room for the past 3 mos. back onto the balcony. WoooooZAH!! Zakk will be so surprised and delighted, he just LOVES when everything is proper and back in it's place. Quite odd for a 12 year old boy really. He also needs to have his bedding perfectly straight before going to sleep. I mean the lines of the quilt must be aligned perfectly with the line of the mattress.

Echoes of OCD?


Just a lovely kind of quirky.. ;9
11:39am: Ahhh, and one more thing...

For wonderful writing, go have a peek at vaysha's journal.

It's quite exceptional me thinks.
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