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I Stay, I Go


16th August 2002

10:17am: I just found out that Ken will have the boys for a camping excursion this Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday.


That is so so SO SO AWESOME !!!

sweeeeet sweet solitude, here I come....
11:57am: A while back, some of us drummers and dancers were rehearsing out at Woodland pk. As dusk descended, someone pulled out a tube of mosquito repellent, slathered himself and started to pass it around. When it came to me I just passed it along. I knew what was about to ensue. So heeeeere come the mosquitoes. I hear smacking, I see flicking, I hear moaning, cursing, irritation. Me? I'm cool as a clam baabay.

Thing is, I don't kill. I don't kill ANYTHING. I truly believe that every single being alive right now has every right to LIVE THAT LIFE. And that includes mosquitoes. I would gladly let them feast on me. I even read somewhere that they are pregnant mothers just trying to feed the life within them. Awwwww. Anyway, they don't slurp on me though one sole mosquito landed on me that night and looked into my eyes briefly, kindly, before buzzing off to accost my buddies.

I really think there is a knowing.
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