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I Stay, I Go


20th August 2002

9:34am: Ahhh thank you my dear dear friends for playing along.

You are all quite imaginative and clever!

But '10 on the slab' APPARENTLY means 10 hours at work.

(according to joegotamuffin. Any and all disputes can go directly there. Also, any of your crockpot questions. Joe iz a WHIZ with the crock!)

10:09am: I'm here.

I'm sitting on my swivel chair that tilts slightly to one side. I feel the thin padded cushion on my bottom. I feel the smooth keys under my fingertips. I hear the whirring of the computer and the rumbling of traffic outside. The words are not coming. They are shy and hiding around dark corners.

That is OK. I can wait...

5:56pm: Please, my friends, tell me one thing that you are sure of...?
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