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I Stay, I Go


22nd August 2002

10:03am: Do you want to see something really beautiful?

Come to Volunteer pk. this eve between 7 - 8:30 pm. We will be playing drums on the big lawn across from the Conservatory and about 20 dancers will be doing traditional dances with each rhythm. 20 beauteous dancers moving gracefully on the grass with the sun blazing above them, yowza!

It's an African dance class and you're also welcome to join in!

Hope you can come....
9:51pm: i just got back home. At noon, 6 of us went drumming for the tourists at Seattle center for 3 hours and made a whooping $10. each. wa-TA! Then we did Tyler's drum class and THEN we played for the beautiful Gonya and her dance class OUTSIDE INNA DA SUN and my toes burrowed into the lush green grass as I played and EVERYWHERE I looked today I saw people grinning and be boppin' and sending us SO MUCH LOVE and I felt SO BLESSED to be a part of spreading so much joy.

Ahhh. What more could I ever want?
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