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I Stay, I Go


26th August 2002

2:07pm: Spirituality is completely ordinary. Though we might
speak of it as extraordinary, it is the most ordianry
thing of all.

Spirituality is simply a means of arousing one's spirit,
of developing a kind of spiritedness. Through that we
begin to have greater contact with reality.

If we open our eyes, if we open our minds, if we open
our hearts, we will find that this world is a magical
place. It is magical not because it tricks us or changes
unexpectedly into something else, but because it can
be so vividly and brilliantly.

~Chogyam Trungpa.
3:20pm: Hi guys!

So my POP's poking around my journal now. That's pretty cool shtuff, yea. But now you'll never get to hear about my impassioned crushes on mysterious strangers or any writhing bouts of hornayness that might flare up. (it's a new dance Pop!).

If you want to back out now I will completely understand. xx

Instead you might hear about Zakky and how SUPRA-BRAINY AND SCARILY EINSTEINISH he is and you might hear about Shane and how he is one big WIDE OPEN RAW TENDER HEART and how the 2 together would make an EXCEPTIONAL & DAZZLING WHOLE. It's true. Zakk is ALL-BRAIN. Shane is ALL-HEART.
Jeeesh. I just figured out why there's so much conflict! *doink*

Let's see, oh yea, another G rated post might be telling tales of Smudge, my all-white long-hair cat with one blue eye and one yellow eye... zzzzzz.. ooops, um and yea, my other cat Lizzy aka zigilig...

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