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I Stay, I Go


10th September 2002

7:41am: *SHOCK*

Just spoke to my boss at Orca elementary. Told her I can start tutoring earlier than expected since I won't be testing for WA Research until the spring. She was sad to inform me that she had to give my job to someone LESS qualified, with FAR LESS experience, who didn't even know how to SAY/TEACH some of the sounds properly (i.e. 'oa' 'ou' 'ue') and had to be corrected BY HER OWN STUDENTS in a previous tutoring job and, oh yeah...

She's black.

And the school's been criticised for not having enough blacks.

THIS SOOOOOOO SUX and I am very, very afraid. There is almost NO FUNDING for tutors anywhere in the school district this year.

I am BROKE, STUNNED and SCARED. I have NO JOB, NO PROSPECTS, NO CREDIT CARDS and Christmas is 3 mos. away.

9:54am: My armpits smell like Orchard Blossoms (tm)

That's one good thing....

I'm off to fill out an appy. Gaawd I'm in the rat race again. *weep*
3:16pm: This is all I have to say about tomorrow.

And I didn't even say it, couldn't say it. kenhighcountry did.

Thanks Ken.. xx
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