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I Stay, I Go


13th September 2002

8:56am: Don't unstring the bow.
I am your four-feathered arrow
that has not been used yet.

I am a strong knifeblade word,
not some if or maybe,
dissolving in air.

I am sunlight slicing the dark.
Who made this night?
A forge deep in the earth-mud.

What is the body?

What is love?

What is hidden
in our chests?

What else?

10:01am: The sunsets have been awesome here lately. All flamingos and fire. We Malinke drummers will be beating down the sun tonight at Golden Gardens beach from about 5 pm. to 11 pm. Bring wood if you can. These summer days are folding themselves slowly and soon the chill and damp will keep our drums indoors. Is there anything like watching flame-licked faces bliss out while grooving to throbbing primal melodious rhythms? There's just something about drums and sand and fire and sunsets and water and bodies moving and.. and.. communing..... yes.
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