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I Stay, I Go


16th September 2002

3:55pm: Laawd, I'm exhausted. Didn't get to sleep til' 2 a.m. or so. Then Zakk had me up at 6 a.m. looking for the red hood that snaps on to his jacket. It was raining this morning and he couldn't find his hood, poor thing. "Grab the umbrella.." I murmered. "I HATE umbrellas!" he retorted. As I dragged myself out of bed, I heard him softly crying. I couldn't find it either. *Drat* It was only sprinkling lightly when he left though. Later, in my car this morning, my mind went instantly to where the hood was. The last time I saw it was 2 weeks ago. I peeked in on Zakk sleeping and he was lying in bed, wearing the hood. He stirred and told me that he was trying to keep his hair from getting mussed up. HE'S ONLY TWELVE !!! gaah.
When I got home I looked by the wall next to his bed. Red hood. Right there.

Had a job interview today at a school that I LUFF LUFF LUFF! It's smallish and set in the woods (!!!). It's soo colorful, cosy and airy. I instantly starting fantasizing about spending my 10 minute breaks in the crooked arms of a nearby Madronna tree. Inside I was handed a sheet with 7 questions on it and the principal, Eric, and head tutor, Trish took turns asking me questions. People, I haven't had an interview in forEVER. I felt like a giddy school-girl! I think they liked me though. More on this later.

NOW I GET TO TALK ABOUT LAST NIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *bouncebouncebounce*Collapse )
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