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I Stay, I Go


17th September 2002



I got home late last night, after rehearsal, and heard this message from Eric, the cute & boyish-looking pricipal of Sanislo elementary- that quaint lovely school I mentioned nestled in trees. His voice was exuberant and silly.

"HeeeLLO there Katia! Excellent, excellent interview today- Of COURSE we want to have you on board here- my goodness, I can't believe I waited this long to call!"

(he left the msg at 2:15 pm. I left the school at 10:30 am.)

WOOOOOO HOOOOOO !!! I have a reeeeeeally good feeling about this. My schedule is M-F, noon - 4 pm. I tried to get it down to M-Th since that's what I'm used to and I LOVE my 3 day wknds. (And I am a greedy, time-grubbing wench ;) And he was sympathetic, for sure. But he pulled out the school calendar and pointed out all the days I would have off ANYway and yeah, we do get lot's of days off so...

I'm In Like Flint Baaybay!! (what on earth does that mean anyway??) Start 1st week of October. 13 more days of unfettered bliss! (oooo I tensed ever so slightly there!) TIME has always been the commodity of most interest to me- can you tell? But helping kids learn how to read is pretty darn kewl too.. ;) YIIIPPEEEEEE !!!!
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