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I Stay, I Go


23rd September 2002

2:48pm: Whew! testing over. Now I have the rest of the week to kick back and relax before I start my tutoring job on Monday. My last child today was a cute little 7 yr. old girl named Gabrielle though she insisted I call her Gabby. She was so earthy and sweet and at one point she rifled around in her pants pockets and exclaimed "Oh, I've got something for you!" My eyes grew big and I made the appropriate "Oooooooo" sounds in anticipation. I held out my hand and she plunked one dried kernel of corn into my palm. I was genuinely delighted! She besought me to plant it which, in her name, I just finished doing. What a little and lovely thing. I love the innocence and simplicity of children. The smallest and simplest of gifts has me beaming for hours. I think I'll keep a pocketful of kernels, in her memory, to share with others. What a wonderful teacher she is....
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