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I Stay, I Go


24th September 2002

9:42am: It's grey outside. Every exposed layer of skin is a thin sheet of cold. I'm thinking a steaming mug of coffee. But that would entail digging out the coffee-maker, soaping it up & rinsing it out, locating last years filters, going to Safeway for some milk... It's not going to happen, is it? Hmmmm...
I'm thinking soup....
11:14am: So yesterday I was all a-goo-goo over having received a single corn kernel from an angelic little girl. Then mery_bast mentions having gone through a phone book looking for names/addresses to send anonymous cheery postcards to. Which reminded me that a few years ago the boyz and I would go to the Dollar Store. We'd spend about $10. and buy colorful vases or mugs with hearts on them or wooden incense holders- something not TOO terribly tacky. We'd come home and get a piece of red construction paper and cut out a big heart which we'd attach to one of the $ items with yarn. One of the boys would write on the heart, "Whoever finds this I Love You". Then we'd go outside and set it down on the sidewalk and wait gleefully from behind our window for someone to find it. Once I saw a pair of very old ladies with canes happen upon a slender red vase we had left that held 2 yellow dahlias. One bent down to pick it up and their faces lit up as they read the words "Whoever finds this I Love You". They literally *squealed* and giggled and looked so young & alive from it! It is probably one of the warmest memories I have. Cost: One Dollar!!

So go on.

Do something nice today.

Co's, trust me, you will benefit FAR MORE than the perceived recipient.
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