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I Stay, I Go


2nd October 2002

9:31am: I'm sad because I'm cold. I am such a wuss with it- I simply do not like to be cold. My free hand retreats to the warmth between my thighs. Should I just remain here and accept the coldness? Should I let the storylines go about how I don't like it? Shall I let them float by and just sit here and feel the cold without judging it or bracing myself against it? You know, the very thought of this warms me. It is my resistance that makes the experience unpleasant and NOT the actual experience.

That said, I WOULD like to hear my friend's ideas on how they like to stay warm in the fall and winter, inside & out. And more talk of steamy bowls of soup with warm buttery french rolls, and lying under weightless piles of leaves, motionless and peering up through the shafts of light and MUCH MORE talk about the wonderful colors and smells and the beauteous BOUNTY of the season. Remind me of the good as I try to dissolve thoughts of the bad.

Remind me of the beauty that just is.

10:44am: For those of you who live in Seattle please flee right now- Flee! as fast as you can to the Egyptian theatre on Pine St. and see the movie BARAKA.

For those who can't, rent it. Big screen viewing preferred.

There is no plot- It is a visual and musical experience.

I have no words.. it is simply stunning...
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